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Temperature butterfly valve for Water/Oil/Liquid Fully Lug Design API 598/EN 12266-1

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Temperature butterfly valve for Water/Oil/Liquid Fully Lug Design API 598/EN 12266-1

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Brand Name : VEYRON

Place of Origin : Tianjin,China

Media : Water,oil,Liquid

Temperature Range : -20°C To 120°C

Capacity : 2600 Pc/month

Product : Fully Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Operation : Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric

Connection : Wafer,Lug Coonnection,flange

Testing Standard : API 598, EN 12266-1

Shaft : Ss410/ Ss416/ Ss420/ Ss431.ss630

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Product Description:

The lug-type butterfly valve is a quintessential component in industrial applications for regulating and isolating fluid flow. This type of butterfly valve is distinguished by its ability to be installed in systems where the end of the pipeline needs to be disconnected without disrupting the entire system. This product summary intends to encapsulate the key features and specifications of the standard lug-type butterfly valve, which is designed to meet the high demands of various industrial sectors.

Constructed in compliance with industry standards, our lug-type butterfly valve is designed for reliability and performance. The standard specifications ensure that the product is compatible with a wide range of piping systems and applications. The valve operates effectively under a working pressure rated at PN16 to PN25, making it suitable for a variety of operational environments where moderate to high-pressure conditions prevail.

The connection design of this butterfly valve is versatile, offering wafer, lug connection, and flange options to ensure a secure and leak-proof installation in different piping configurations. The lug connection, in particular, allows for easy installation and removal of downstream piping without affecting the upstream side, which is beneficial for maintenance and repair work. This feature makes the lug-type butterfly valve an excellent choice for systems that require frequent cleaning or servicing.

The shaft of the butterfly valve is an integral part of its design, made from high-grade stainless steel materials such as SS410, SS416, SS420, SS431, and SS630. These materials are chosen for their strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, ensuring a long service life and consistent performance even in the most challenging conditions. The robust construction of the shaft contributes to the overall reliability of the valve, reducing the likelihood of operational failures and maintenance needs.

One of the primary advantages of this lug-type butterfly valve is its compatibility with a variety of media, including water, oil, and other liquids. The broad media compatibility makes it a versatile solution for different industries, from water treatment to chemical processing, and from oil and gas to food and beverage production. The valve's design ensures that it maintains a tight seal and efficient flow control regardless of the type of media it encounters.

Notably, our lug-type butterfly valve is part of the DI butterfly valve series, which signifies that it is made from ductile iron. Ductile iron is known for its excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, impact resistance, and durability. The use of ductile iron in the construction of the butterfly valve body enhances its ability to withstand high pressures and mechanical stress, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Manufactured in Tianjin, our butterfly valve is known for its quality and performance. The Tianjin butterfly valve wafer lug type is engineered with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each product meets stringent quality control standards. The reputation of Tianjin-manufactured butterfly valves for reliability and excellence is well-established in the industry, giving users confidence in their selection of this product.

In summary, the lug-type butterfly valve we offer is a high-standard, versatile, and durable solution for fluid control in industrial applications. Its design adheres to standard specifications, it can operate under varying pressure conditions, and it provides secure connections that facilitate maintenance. The choice of high-grade stainless steel for the shaft and ductile iron for the valve body contributes to its robustness and longevity. Suitable for a wide range of media, this butterfly valve is a dependable option for businesses looking for efficient and long-lasting flow control solutions.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Product Fully Lug Type Butterfly Valve
Pressure Rating Pn16
Port Size Standard, DN50-DN1200
Body DI; WCB; SS304; SS316; ALBZ; C954; C958
Media Water, oil, Liquid
Operation Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric
Valve Type Lug Type Butterfly Valve
Connection Wafer, Lug Connection, flange
Testing Standard API 598, EN 12266-1
Capacity 2600 Pc/month


VEYRON, a brand synonymous with quality and reliability, hails from Tianjin, China, and is a leading manufacturer of fully lug type butterfly valves. These valves are designed for a multitude of applications across various industries. The lug butterfly valves are standard products that adhere to rigorous quality norms, ensuring a dependable performance in systems with a working pressure of Pn16 to Pn25. The standard port sizes ranging from DN50 to DN1200 make these valves versatile for a wide range of pipeline diameters.

The lug butterfly valves from VEYRON are suitable for controlling the flow of different media including water, oil, and various liquids. This makes them an ideal choice for water treatment plants, where precise flow regulation and system isolation are required. They are also extensively used in the oil and gas industry, where robust and reliable valves are necessary to handle the demanding working conditions and ensure the safe transport of oil and other liquid hydrocarbons.

Another common application of the VEYRON butterfly valve is in the HVAC industry, where they are used to control heating and cooling systems. The tight shut-off capabilities of the lug butterfly valves ensure that energy is conserved by preventing leaks and maintaining the efficiency of the system. The food and beverage industry also benefits from the use of these valves, as they can be used to control the flow of various liquid products while maintaining strict hygiene standards.

Furthermore, the lug type design of the butterfly valve allows for easy installation and removal from the pipeline without disturbing the overall system. This is particularly beneficial during maintenance operations or when it is necessary to replace or inspect a section of the pipeline. The lug butterfly valves can be used in both on-off and throttling service, adding to their flexibility in application scenarios.

In summary, the VEYRON fully lug type butterfly valve is a powerhouse of versatility and efficiency. Engineered to meet standard specifications and to withstand the working pressures of Pn16 to Pn25, these valves are perfectly suited for a variety of industries where control and reliability of liquid media are paramount. Whether it's for water treatment, oil and gas, HVAC, or the food and beverage industries, VEYRON's lug butterfly valves are a trusted solution for professionals around the globe.


Brand Name: VEYRON

Place of Origin: Tianjin, China

Port Size: Standard, DN50-DN1200

Product: Fully Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Temperature Range: -20°C To 120°C

Working Pressure: Pn16 25

Operation: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric

Discover the versatility of our VEYRON lug butterfly valves, designed for reliability and performance. Crafted in the heart of Tianjin, China, these lug butterfly valves provide a secure and convenient solution for your flow control needs. Our Tianjin butterfly valve wafer lug type is engineered to handle a diverse range of temperatures from -20°C to 120°C and is suitable for working pressures up to Pn16 25. Available in a variety of port sizes from DN50 to DN1200, the VEYRON Fully Lug Type Butterfly Valve offers multiple operation modes including manual lever, gear, pneumatic, and electric actuation to meet the demands of any system.

Support and Services:

Our Lug type butterfly valve is designed to provide reliable and efficient control in a wide array of applications. It features a bi-directional service with a lug-style end connection suitable for various flanged mating surfaces. The valve is equipped with a robust body, a high-performance disc, and a resilient seat which ensures a tight seal and long service life.

To ensure the proper functioning of your Lug type butterfly valve, it is essential to follow the installation, operation, and maintenance instructions provided with the product. Regular inspection and timely maintenance are recommended to keep the valve in optimal working condition.

For technical support and services, we offer a comprehensive guide that includes troubleshooting tips, maintenance procedures, and installation instructions. Our dedicated support team is also available to provide assistance with any technical queries or issues you may encounter.

Should you require spare parts or repair services, we supply a full range of genuine parts and offer repair services to extend the life of your valve. Each part is manufactured to the same high standards as our valves, ensuring performance and durability.

Please note that any modifications or use of non-approved parts may void the warranty. We strongly advise against making any alterations to the valve without consulting with our technical support team first.

We are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our support services are designed to ensure that your Lug type butterfly valve operates efficiently and continues to meet your process control needs.

Packing and Shipping:

The Lug type butterfly valve will be securely packaged in a robust and sturdy box to ensure the product's integrity during the shipping process. The valve will be cushioned with foam or bubble wrap to prevent any movement that could cause damage. The box will be sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and labeled with the necessary handling and shipping information.

For shipping, the packaged Lug type butterfly valve will be placed within a larger, durable crate or palletized for added protection. This will ensure stability and safety while the product is in transit. The outer crate will be clearly marked with the appropriate warning and directional labels, such as "Fragile" and "This Way Up," to ensure proper handling by the shipping carrier. A packing slip with the product details and recipient information will be attached to the outside of the crate for easy identification upon arrival.

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