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Corrosion Resistant Check Valve Stainless Steel Single Plate Disc EPDM Viton Seat

Veyron Valve (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd

Corrosion Resistant Check Valve Stainless Steel Single Plate Disc EPDM Viton Seat

Brand Name : Veyron

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 2 sets

Price : usd 10

Packaging Details : carton case

Media : Water Oil Gas Steam

Valve Seat Material : EPDM,NBR,VITON

Disc : WCB;SS304;SS316

Valve Size : 1/2-4 Inch

Capacity : 2000 Pc/month

Body Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Etc.

Valve Body Material : Stainless Steel,WCB

Temperature Range : -29°C To 80°C

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Product Description:

The Single Disc Check Valve is an essential component designed for a variety of piping applications to prevent backflow and maintain the unidirectional flow of media. This valve is meticulously crafted to operate effectively within a temperature range of -29°C to 80°C, ensuring reliable performance in both cold and moderate temperature environments. The valve's robust construction and design parameters cater to a production time of just 10 days, signifying our commitment to providing quality products with efficient turnaround times to meet the demands of our clients.

Our Single Plate Check Valve boasts a pressure rating of PN16, indicating its ability to withstand considerable pressure in the system without compromising on its integrity or functionality. This rating makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications where pressure considerations are paramount. The valve is engineered to handle various media types, including water, oil, and gas, making it a versatile solution for diverse fluid control scenarios.

The size range of this valve extends from 1/2 to 4 inches, accommodating a broad spectrum of pipeline diameters and flow requirements. This size versatility ensures that our Single Disc Check Valve can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems or new installations with ease. The valve's design is focused on providing a secure and leak-proof operation that contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the piping system.

Corrosion Resistant Check Valve Stainless Steel Single Plate Disc EPDM Viton Seat

One of the key features of our Single Plate Check Valve is the use of high-grade stainless steel in its construction. Stainless steel is renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and strength. These properties make our stainless steel check valve an ideal choice for applications that demand longevity and resilience against harsh operating conditions. The material's resistance to a wide range of chemicals also means that the valve can be used in systems that transport different types of media without the risk of degradation or contamination.

The design of the Single Plate Check Valve emphasizes simplicity and effectiveness. The single plate mechanism ensures quick response to flow changes, thereby preventing the potential for backflow which could lead to system damage or inefficiencies. The compact and lightweight design of the valve also contributes to ease of installation and maintenance, reducing downtime and labor costs associated with more complex valve systems.

Quality assurance is at the forefront of our manufacturing process for the Single Disc Check Valve. Each valve undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards for performance and reliability. Our commitment to quality means that customers can have confidence in the Single Disc Check Valve to perform as expected, even in demanding applications.

In conclusion, our Single Disc Check Valve is a superior choice for clients seeking a reliable, high-performance check valve. With its wide temperature range, quick production time, robust pressure rating, compatibility with multiple media types, and a range of sizes, it stands out as a versatile and durable option for industrial fluid control. The use of stainless steel and the single plate design further enhance its appeal, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance. Whether for water, oil, or gas systems, our Single Disc Check Valve is engineered to deliver exceptional results.


  • Product Name: Single disc check valve
  • Valve Size: 1/2-4 Inch
  • Production Time: 10 Days
  • Disc Material Options: WCB; SS304; SS316
  • Medium Compatibility: Water, oil, gas
  • Disc Type: Single Thin Disc
  • Also known as: swing check valve wafer
  • Design: Single thin leaf check valve

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Disc WCB; SS304; SS316
Valve Size 1/2-4 Inch
Valve Seat Material EPDM, NBR, VITON
Valve Body Material Stainless Steel, WCB
Production Time 10 Days
Pressure Rating PN16
Media Water, Oil, Gas, Steam
Body Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Etc.
Medium Water, Oil, Gas
Temperature Range -29°C To 80°C


The Veyron Single Disc Check Valve is a premium quality valve designed to offer reliable backflow prevention in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Originating from China, this valve is known for its robust construction and versatility, with a body material that can be either carbon steel or stainless steel based on the requirements of the system. The stainless steel check valve variant is particularly appreciated for its corrosion resistance and longevity, making it suitable for harsh operating environments.

Characterized by its wafer connection type, the Veyron Single Disc Check Valve is easy to install between flanges, which makes it a convenient choice for systems with limited space. Its temperature range capability from -29°C to 80°C allows it to operate effectively in a broad spectrum of temperature conditions, ensuring that it can handle both cold and hot media with equal proficiency. The valve is rated at PN16, indicating its suitability for moderate pressure applications.

One of the key applications of the Veyron Single plate check valve is in water supply systems. Its design ensures that water flows in the desired direction, preventing any potential backflow which could lead to contamination or damage to equipment. Moreover, it's also suitable for use with a variety of other media, such as oil, gas, and steam, which makes it a versatile solution for many different industrial processes including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

The Single disc check valve by Veyron can be utilized in heating and cooling systems, where it helps to maintain the integrity of the system by allowing the medium to flow in one direction, thus preventing any thermal backflow that could affect the system's efficiency. In addition, it's also frequently used in pumping applications where the prevention of reverse flow is critical to maintaining the performance of the pump and avoiding potential damages.

In conclusion, the Veyron Single Disc Check Valve is a high-performance valve that is essential for a wide range of applications where backflow prevention is crucial. Its compatibility with various media, coupled with its wide temperature range and robust pressure rating, makes it an excellent choice for ensuring operational efficiency and safety in industrial and commercial fluid systems.


Brand Name: Veyron

Place of Origin: China

Medium: Water, oil, gas

Warranty: 1 Year

Connection Type: Wafer

Disc Type: Single Thin Disc

Valve Size: 1/2-4 Inch

Key Features: Veyron's single disc check valve is designed to provide a high-quality solution for your flow control needs. This check valve PN16 is suitable for various applications and boasts a robust stainless steel construction. The single thin leaf check valve design ensures minimal flow resistance and quick response to flow changes, making it an ideal choice for water, oil, and gas systems.

Support and Services:

Our Single Disc Check Valve offers exceptional reliability and performance. The valve is designed to automatically prevent backflow in systems by allowing flow in only one direction. It has a compact and lightweight design, making it suitable for a broad range of applications and industries.

The technical support for our Single Disc Check Valve includes a comprehensive range of services to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of the product. These services include:

- Installation Guidance: Detailed instructions and support for the correct installation of the valve to ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively.

- Troubleshooting Assistance: Expert advice to diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise during the operation of the valve.

- Maintenance Recommendations: Guidelines for routine maintenance to help prolong the life of the valve and maintain its performance over time.

- Technical Consultation: Access to our team of experienced engineers who can provide technical consultation on valve specifications, material compatibility, and application suitability.

- Product Documentation: Comprehensive documentation that includes product specifications, material certifications, and user manuals to assist with all aspects of product use and maintenance.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of support and service for our Single Disc Check Valve. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and to assist you in maintaining system integrity and efficiency.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Single Disc Check Valve:

The Single Disc Check Valve is securely packaged in a durable, industrial-grade cardboard box to ensure its protection during transit. Each valve is individually wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap to prevent scratches and damage. The box is filled with additional cushioning materials such as foam or packing peanuts to keep the valve firmly in place and absorb any shocks during shipping. The exterior of the box is clearly labeled with the product name, size, and handling instructions to facilitate safe and proper transportation.

Shipping Instructions for Single Disc Check Valve:

Our Single Disc Check Valves are shipped using reputable carriers to ensure timely and safe delivery to our customers. The packaged valve is carefully loaded onto the carrier's vehicle and secured to prevent movement that could lead to damage during shipping. We provide tracking information for each shipment, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their delivery. Upon arrival, recipients should inspect the package for any external damage before signing the delivery receipt. In the event of any discrepancies, please contact our customer service immediately to address the issue.

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